Traits of GE High Potential Managers


• Competitive, ambitious – “fire in the belly”: risk taker, insatiable drive to improve, impatient, inner-driven, self-starter: will make personal sacrifices.
• Adaptable, resilient- can cope with change and ambiguity, reacts well under stress.
• Maturity- understands personal strengths and shortcomings and works around them: has learned from mistakes; objective, open-minded.
• Presence- makes good impression; politically aware; good sense of humor; integrity and honesty

• Mental quickness- fast study, diagnostic and analytical skills, memory.
• Practical – “street smarts”
• Creativity and conceptual skills
• Integration and organization of thoughts, ideas, and data
• Breadth of interest and perspective – business and other.

• Ability to take charge, establish goals, vision; rally and motivate others.
• Courage of convictions- will push back on the system; question the status quo.
• Production-minded; “delivers the goods”, dependable.
• Upbeat, “can-do” attitude, self-confident, decisive, high energy level, hard working; stamina, predictable, consistent; instills pride and professionalism.
• Attracts and develops the best people; doesn’t settle for second best; good coaching and listening skills; fair, open, candid.
• Interpersonal skills – can relate to all layers of the organization, tact and social sensitivity.
• Firmness with people; can make tough decisions.

• Sets high standards and expectations.
• Ability to plan and organize work.
• Uses measurements, good follow-up.
• Balances delegation and control.
• Establishes priorities-makes effective use of time.
• Knows how to leverage resources, evaluate alternatives.
• Balances short and long-term business needs.
• Communicates at all levels.
• Knows what is going on in the organization, doesn’t get surprised.
• Verbal/written skills-good salesman and negotiator.
• Early leadership identification traits.

Mary T. O'Sullivan

Mary T. O’Sullivan, Master of Science, Organizational Leadership, Member, International Coaching Federation, Society of Human Resource Management. Candidate, Master’s Certificate in Executive and Professional Career Coaching, University of Texas at Dallas. Member Beta Gamma Sigma, the International Honor Society. Advanced Studies in Education from Montclair University, SUNY Oswego and Syracuse University. Mary is also a certified Six Sigma Specialist, Contract Specialist, IPT Leader and holds a Certificate in Essentials of Human Resource Management from SHRM. Mary O’Sullivan has over 30 years experience in the aerospace and defense industry. In each of her roles, she acted as a change agent, moving teams and individuals from status quo to new ways of thinking, through offering solutions focused on changing behaviors and fostering growth. In additional, Mary holds a permanent teaching certificate in the State of New York for secondary education, and taught high school English for 10 years in the Syracuse, NY area.