Throwing in the Towel

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Ready to throw in the towel at your corporate job?

When Martha found me, she had been passed over for promotion time and again, despite her excellent performance reviews, high energy and meticulous attention to detail. She was frustrated and ready to quit. She also felt her personal value system was being compromised as she witnessed behavior on the job that was contrary to company policy as well as her own principles.

When we first spoke, Martha was unclear about the direction of her career path, and how to gracefully transition from her current situation into another job, either inside or outside of the company.

She presented herself as angry, impatient, and even discouraged at the idea of leaving behind so many years of good service to a firm where her work and dedication to the job had gone unappreciated over and over.

Not only that, but Martha’s stress levels were beginning to rise appreciably. Her sleep, nutrition, ability to relax, have fun and enjoy life were all impacted by the tremendous stress she faced on the job.

I’d been there and knew I could help.

So together, using the four square framework, we brainstormed ideas she could use to move forward and create the future she wanted:

First, we worked on clarifying Martha’s narrative; I asked her to define what she really wanted in her work and life. After a few sessions, Martha was able to arrive at the awareness that the likelihood of her advancing her career within the same company was low. After becoming clear on that issue, Martha was free to explore other options that would lower her stress levels, while maintaining the same pay scale.

Second, Martha had to face her readiness to make the change. After all, she had worked for the same company for almost 15 years. She would be walking away from a good boss, and the many co-workers she had established relationships with over her long career. We worked on her confidence to move forward and her strength of motivation to actually make the change she knew she needed.

Third, we worked on what situations in making this change were under her control. She knew of an opening in another large, local company, but became impatient when the recruitment process began to drag on. She finally realized that the actions of the recruiter were not under her control, and by being anxious, she was adding to her frustration.

Fourth, Martha realized that making a change of any kind requires taking small, manageable steps, and that even though she had made her decision to move ahead, things would not change overnight. She learned to dial back her frustration at work, with the knowledge that any large company takes its time when hiring new people.

Believe it or not, after several insightful and powerful coaching session, Martha felt more confident and patient about making her change. Through effective networking and the coaching support, Martha now has an excellent job at another major, well known company. Through our coaching conversations, Martha was able to negotiate a higher salary and a better position, with less stress.

It is my mission to use my expertise, background and education to help you overcome obstacles to move ahead in your career, personal life and relationships through self-awareness and positive action. I believe that when faced with challenging circumstances or dramatic, life altering situations, you are capable of being creative, innovative, and proactive when you open yourself to build confidence, find well being, and  consider your personal happiness as the basis of making change happen.

If any of this sounds familiar to you and you’re ready to make a change, feel free to contact me for a breakthrough session.








Mary T. O'Sullivan

Mary T. O’Sullivan, Master of Science, Organizational Leadership, Member, International Coaching Federation, Society of Human Resource Management. Candidate, Master’s Certificate in Executive and Professional Career Coaching, University of Texas at Dallas. Member Beta Gamma Sigma, the International Honor Society. Advanced Studies in Education from Montclair University, SUNY Oswego and Syracuse University. Mary is also a certified Six Sigma Specialist, Contract Specialist, IPT Leader and holds a Certificate in Essentials of Human Resource Management from SHRM. Mary O’Sullivan has over 30 years experience in the aerospace and defense industry. In each of her roles, she acted as a change agent, moving teams and individuals from status quo to new ways of thinking, through offering solutions focused on changing behaviors and fostering growth. In additional, Mary holds a permanent teaching certificate in the State of New York for secondary education, and taught high school English for 10 years in the Syracuse, NY area.