What My Clients Have to Say

I was motivated to contact Mary  for her career professional experience. Mary supported me by helping me to  build my confidence, open my mind to new opportunities and take the time out to build up my self esteem. The greatest benefit from working with Mary was taking her recommendation to find myself during my transition. I took Mary’s advice and began to meditate, do yoga and to ask myself what I really to be and do with my life. I took time to really soul search. The biggest change was that I became more at peace with my inner soul. I needed the help to get stronger and positive within my inner spirit and with Mary, I was able to reach that
~ Cathy L., Rhode Island

I had a great coaching experience with Mary. She helped me grow and understand what I need to do next. I felt very supported. She also shared many resources with me that will help me to continue to grow.

~ Aynn R., California

I’ve changed the way I look at myself at work. The distinction [between] being a helper and being used was a huge change for me. Thank you so much, Mary, for being professional and direct in our coaching! Thank you also for asking me provoking questions and for you daring to make me look at my inner self as well.


Mary is a calm and present coach who partners with her client on their journey to achieve their goals. She is intuitive, curious, and through powerful questioning leads the client to a greater self-awareness, motivating them to action and growth. I highly recommended working with Mary as her positive, open, and encouraging manner will assist you on your journey.

~ Susan L., New South Wales, Australia

Before working with Mary, I was frustrated and unsure of where or how to start to make some changes in my career. Working closely with Mary, I was able to articulate goals and actions that I wanted to take and then begin working on them in order to see real change take place. Our discussions have helped me to…determine concrete actions that I can choose to take in order to see changes. Thank you, Mary, for participating in this discovery process with me—your insightful questions helped me to better know myself and my goals.

~ Maria D., Rhode Island, USA

I expected that I might gain insights into my longer-term goals and how to better work toward them. I have. However, Mary also helped me with specific, current profession challenges, and that has been really helpful already. [As a result] I have begun to think more clearly and deliberately about how to improve my own situation at work. At the same time, I am considering how to use my own strengths to help those around me, so that we all are better off as a team.

~ Josh C., Rhode Island, USA

Time management coaching with Mary was enlightening and gratifying . It has led to a feeling that change is possible while staying in touch with the reality of my situation and my personality.  For that, I am very grateful. Mary’ s balanced judgment made her a joy to work with. Mary did create the feeling that this was very much a cooperative effort. I truly appreciated how she paid meticulous attention to every detail of my situation while never losing sight of the overall goal, She worked with patience and sensitivity to get at the root of the problem. I really appreciated her thoroughness and good sense.


I was skeptical when I first walked into [Mary’s] office. Leaving [Mary’s] office that first day was the best thing that happened to me. She helped me from the first moment to realize that there was potential and [that] giving up was the wrong thing to do.

~Victor M, Rhode Island, USA

I appreciated that you had the corporate background and from that you understood that humans function in a different way than the corporate world operates. Having said that, you have offered guidance that takes that corporate approach into account when seeking solutions to one’s angst.

Richard L., Rhode Island, USA

Mary O'Sullivan

Mary T. O’Sullivan, MSOL, is an ACTP  certified Executive and Professional Coach with 30+ years of experience working large, complex organizations such as General Electric, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon. She is also certified in Six Sigma and Contract Administration, attended the LEAD Institute for High Potential Managers, as well as a member of the International Coach Federation and the Society for Human Resource Management.

Ask yourself, are you working with a university trained coach with advanced credentials from the International Coach Federation and 30+ years experience in large corporations?

Or, is your coach the product of a short term encounter session, with little or no corporate or higher education training?

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