Nobody is an Island: Facing Your Challenges with a Mastermind Group

You know how it is when you are truly at the end of your rope in your business or career. There is no one you can trust enough to honestly and objectively support you. No one to turn to.

You may be afraid word will get around that you are struggling and people might think you can’t handle the job. Or the advice you get isn’t helping and the person you confide in lacks the experience and know-how to advise you. It can feel lonely working out a big issue on your own. Books, webinars, and seminars can be so black and white; you really need nuanced opinions.

I’ve been in that situation myself. Without a strong support group, I’ve often overstepped my bounds and wished I had a smart group of people to stand behind me when I had issues on the job. Lunch time conversations weren’t enough to keep me buoyed. Long story short, I ended up leaving my company because I had no real allies to turn to when I needed them most.

There are so many reasons to have a group of peers behind you with similar challenges.

You’ve heard the old saying “two heads are better than one?” What if you had six other heads besides your own to work through life’s most difficult problems. What if these people showed true caring, understanding, and empathy; and also had the right knowledge, experience, and smarts to guide you along? And what if every person believed strongly in confidentiality and your sacred trust? How would that help you break through the roadblocks that stop you from achieving the goals you want?

That’s why I like being part of a Mastermind Program.

Since moving on from my previous job, I’ve become part of several Masterminds which have given me the strength, support and guidance I’ve needed to move my life forward in so many different ways. I’ve been able to improve my professional life, lose weight, figure out my financial goals, and manage my time far more efficiently than ever before.

One of my favorite poems is “No Man is an Island” by John Donne written in 1624. It’s amazing how true this poem is today because, we all know, and research shows, that human beings do not thrive when isolated from others, and we are all connected by our human nature.

“No man is an island entire of itself; every man
is a piece of the continent, a part of the main;
if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe
is the less…”

It is only natural that we feel we need some support. It’s okay to reach out. No person is an island, and we need each other to soar in this world.

Mary T. O'Sullivan

Mary T. O’Sullivan, Master of Science, Organizational Leadership, Member, International Coaching Federation, Society of Human Resource Management. Candidate, Master’s Certificate in Executive and Professional Career Coaching, University of Texas at Dallas. Member Beta Gamma Sigma, the International Honor Society. Advanced Studies in Education from Montclair University, SUNY Oswego and Syracuse University. Mary is also a certified Six Sigma Specialist, Contract Specialist, IPT Leader and holds a Certificate in Essentials of Human Resource Management from SHRM. Mary O’Sullivan has over 30 years experience in the aerospace and defense industry. In each of her roles, she acted as a change agent, moving teams and individuals from status quo to new ways of thinking, through offering solutions focused on changing behaviors and fostering growth. In additional, Mary holds a permanent teaching certificate in the State of New York for secondary education, and taught high school English for 10 years in the Syracuse, NY area.