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More stories from 30 years of experiences that you could not make up and witnessing behavior you would not permit in your own home!

In this book, I’ve put together lots of incredulous stories based on management and leadership theory from my master’s degree studies. So instead of simply analyzing a theory, I wrote a story based on my actual experience working in a large organization. You know how when you are in a seemingly ridiculous situation that makes no sense, and you wonder how in the world such stupid things could happen? Well, I pair these incidents with expert theories on the topic, and create a somewhat amusing story out of a rather stressful and hopeless situation. How about when a VP tries to fire a secretary just because he wants to pick someone else? How did that work out? Hmm, that is a topic I cover under “Ethics”. Or, when an employee is passed over for a promotion and raise, and then threatened if she doesn’t teach the new person everything she knows about the job? You think that could never happen? Well, just read that section in my book. It’s under the section about legal hiring practices and pulling from an accurate talent pool. Or the supervisor who screamed profanities all day long, and was reported, but, no one ever did anything about it! Yes, it’s all true!

These happenings are only the tip of the iceberg. I’ve got many more in the pages that follow. I hope you enjoy the read, even if there are no pictures or dialog.

Ask yourself, are you reading material written by  a university trained and certified coach with advanced credentials from the International Coach Federation and years of writing experience for corporate and higher education writing?

Or is your book the product of a writer trained by an off beat, short term encounter session?

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Mary has some great insights and it was a very good read.