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When Robert, an IT director for a major bank, found me, he had been out of work about a year. He had exhausted his severance package, his unemployment, and was using his 401K funds to survive. His confidence was lost, and he had just about given up on finding a job at the same level in his field.

When we first spoke, Robert knew whatever he’d been doing in his job search up to this point was not working. He realized the reality of needing to explore a different path.

Robert presented himself as anxious, feeling down, and about to completely give up.

He had held a great job for the past 20 years, was a great employee, but a top level corporate management reorganization changed everything. His safety net had been removed right from under him. And the shock and dismay of that last day at work was devastating. He was used to a good life of leisure travel, being surrounded by friends and family and good times. And he was used to the respect given to a man in his position. In one day, all that was gone!

When he first showed up in my office, he was at a loss. Understandably, he was longing for something new; more options to bring him back to the life he knew.

Not only that, but he was feeling the strain the job loss was putting on his health and wellbeing. His sleep, nutrition, and self-care were all suffering.

I’d been there and knew I could help. 

So together, we brainstormed things he could do to move forward and create the future he wanted:

1. First, we addressed his self-care issues. Without proper self-care, Robert would not be prepared for meeting or speaking to potential employers. We spoke of appearance and his overall presentation to new hiring managers, and I encouraged Robert to practice these new skills over and over until they were second nature to him.
2. Second, we worked on building Robert’s confidence. We practiced interviewing skills. I challenged Robert to build a structure in his life that allowed him to attend workshops, job fairs and make connections that would benefit his job search. We practiced postures that would improve his confidence immediately prior to entering an interviewing situation.

Believe it or not, after several insightful and powerful coaching sessions, Robert built back his confidence, made some excellent connections and now has a great job working for a major, well-known corporation. Through our coaching conversations, Robert was able to negotiate a higher salary and a relocation package, as well!

After several weeks of being challenged to move out of his comfort zone, and making changes that would impact his life for good, Robert became aware of a shift in his attitude. After each session, I asked him how he was feeling. His usual answer was “I feel like crying”. However, once he became aware of the importance of taking positive action to make changes, his answer eventually changed. When I asked him how he was feeling, he smiled and said, “I feel happy!” I saw that inner joy I hadn’t seen for many sessions. That joy was real and it warmed my heart to see it!

If happy seems out of reach to you, you know it’s time for a change. Whether you are in a job, career or relationship that doesn’t bring you happiness or you are out of work, you need to know that there is hope!

It is my mission to use my expertise, background and education to help you overcome obstacles to moving ahead in your career, personal life and relationships through self-awareness and positive action. I believe that, when faced with challenging circumstances or dramatic, life altering situations, you are capable of being creative, innovative, and proactive when you open yourself to use self care, find well being, and leverage your personal happiness as the basis of making change happen.

I helped so many clients over the last few years reach their potential and move forward to the lives they envisioned.

  • Joan was stuck in an industry that went against her value system. Through coaching, she was able to land a job in an industry she loves, helping others.
  • Bill was in an endless custody battle. Through coaching, he found a way to deal with the situation in a less chaotic way, bringing him closer to his children.
  • Judy had major time management issues, which was a huge problem as an instructor. Through coaching, she learned techniques to begin and end her classes on time.
  • Peter struggled with being cut from 100% to 80% at his job. Through coaching, he learned that with his new schedule, he actually prefers the extra time off to spend with his family and relaxing.

And now I want to share these same results these clients have experienced with you!

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  • When and How to Formulate your Plan B

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Mary T. O’Sullivan, MSOL, ACTP, ACC
An ICF Certified Coach

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Mary T. O'Sullivan

Mary T. O’Sullivan, Master of Science, Organizational Leadership, Member, International Coaching Federation, Society of Human Resource Management. Candidate, Master’s Certificate in Executive and Professional Career Coaching, University of Texas at Dallas. Member Beta Gamma Sigma, the International Honor Society. Advanced Studies in Education from Montclair University, SUNY Oswego and Syracuse University. Mary is also a certified Six Sigma Specialist, Contract Specialist, IPT Leader and holds a Certificate in Essentials of Human Resource Management from SHRM. Mary O’Sullivan has over 30 years experience in the aerospace and defense industry. In each of her roles, she acted as a change agent, moving teams and individuals from status quo to new ways of thinking, through offering solutions focused on changing behaviors and fostering growth. In additional, Mary holds a permanent teaching certificate in the State of New York for secondary education, and taught high school English for 10 years in the Syracuse, NY area.