Frequently Asked Questions

01) Question: Do I have to come to your office for coaching?
Answer: Although everyone is welcome to come to my office at any time, effective coaching can be conducted over the phone. There is no extra charge for phone coaching.

02) Question: What is the difference between an executive coach and a life coach?
Answer: The major difference is the training and education. My certification is from an Approved Coach Training Program (ACTP), and the training was a very intense year long program. Also, my certification is in Executive and Professional Coaching. In addition, I am an ICF credentialed coach. ICF is the leading credentialing agency for professional coaching.

03) Question: How long have you been a coach?
Answer: I have been a professional coach since April of 2014. Prior to that, I worked in major industry for over 30 years.

04) Question: What are some questions a coach may ask a client?
Answer: Questions are always open ended and will begin with asking the client what it is that he or she may wish to discuss or explore. The client always sets the agenda. There is no judgment in coaching, only guidance and perspective.

05) Question: How do you convince a person to be coached?
Answer: No one can be convinced to begin coaching. A person has to have the desire to make a commitment to a making change happen for him or her.

06) Question: What do I have to do to sign up for coaching?
Answer: Signing up is easy. Just click the intake form on the home page.

07) Question: How much does coaching cost?
Answer: There are a number of programs available for you to be coached. Contact Mary for details.

08) Question: Do you offer group coaching?
Answer: Yes, group coaching is available and is very cost effective. Groups are limited in size, with a maximum of 6 people in each group. Group sessions are conducted in a series of six sessions over a two-month period of time.

09) Question: What is your background?
Answer: I have a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership, a Graduate Certificate in Executive and Professional Coaching, am credentialed by the ICF at the ACC level, and have worked in Fortune 100 companies for over 30 years.

10) Question: What is your disclaimer policy?

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