Mastermind for Pandemic Career Pivot

You can still find a job during the COVID-19 Pandemic without the ususal hassles when you sign up for this 3 Part Series.

Master the things that slow you down or get in your way of landing the job you want during times of uncertainty.

Get actionable results now that get you in front of the right person so that you can get the position you want.


About this Event:
This is what we are going to do together:
1. Conquer the “never hear back” syndrome.
2. Turn your contacts into your advocates
3. Create solid relationships to get you on the inside.

In this instructive 3 part series, you’ll discover how to:
–Be More Visible
–Make it Personal
–Over Communicate
–Find a Champion
–Make the Networking Rounds
–And, So Much More

These are skills you’ll need so that you can move ahead faster and with confidence.

Don’t wait another day. You want to advance your search rapidly.
Join our Masterclass for Pandemic Career Pivot today. 

You can achieve your pivot quickly, without trying things that don’t work. 
Save time in your application process, pass the phone screens and video interviews the first time around. Lose those pre-interview  jitters.

It’s all included,  so you can sail through the process calmly and feel good about the process.

When you learn how to use these important skills to pivot, they will work  for you 100% of the time.

We only have a few spots left for this series, so make sure you sign up now.
Bonus, when you invite another person to attend, you’ll receive a 15 minute Emotional Intelligence Assessment, at no extra charge.

Your ticket entitles you to three (3) 90 minute classes focusing on improving your skills in the pivoting process. One ticket = 3 classes, each lasting 90 minutes.