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BEAT THE BULLY: Five Steps to Change Incivility in Your Workplace @ Central Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce
Jun 20 @ 11:30 pm – 11:45 pm
An Encore Leadership Series Workshop
Learn the Five Steps to Change Incivility in the Workplace.
Are you tired of dealing with bullying, rudeness, gossip, rumors, and bad manners in the workplace?
Have you dealt with the #metoo issues, and felt they were ignored?
Join me at Sprout Coworking Space in Providence. Lunch is included.
Learn the five steps to civil discourse in the workplace.
We’ll take a deep dive into these strategies:
1. Evaluate the situation.
2. Redirect the conversation.
3. Gain perspective and consider the source
4. Approach uncivil behavior as a business problem.
5. Check your own behavior.
Here’s the business case for addressing incivility:
• 48% intentionally decreased their work effort.
• 47% intentionally decreased the time spent at work.
• 38% intentionally decreased the quality of their work.
• 80% lost work time worrying about the incident.
• 63% lost work time avoiding the offender.
• 66% said that their performance declined.
• 78% said that their commitment to the organization declined.
• 25% admitted to taking their frustration out on customers.
You don’t have to tolerate bad behavior. Learn strategies to make a more civil workplace happen now!